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Dear Customer,

Some of our user's are complaining license issue such as in some module it keeps showing you spinner, so here are the possible reasons:

IPv6 Address:

If you server is having IPv6 and IPv4 but you see only single type of IP for which license is provisioned please do provide your other IP and we will add it i.e if you see IPv6 give us IPv4 if you see IPv4 then give us your IPv6 address and we will update it.

Javascript/ JSON response error:

In some cases you will find JSON related error which is related to your server / other module hooks etc that you need to check with your server administrator as such because we are relying on JSON response as well as Output Buffer.

In our JavaScript files you will find say: done.(response) then below that add console.log(response) to see the response or else if you see

var parsed = JSON.parse(response) then below that add console.log(parsed) and if you see non JSON data then something from your servers side causing the issue which you need to check with your server administrator.



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