Hi All,

We would like to announce that, we have released Hetzner Server Automation v2019.3 with below changes/ features:

  • [Improved] Client area product view details page re-designed
  • [Improved] Admin Products View Page re-designed
  • [Improved] Language Pages calling method, If you are using your own language then please re-change them accordingly
  • [Improved] Improved Base code base
  • [Added] WOL for both Admin/ Client
  • [Added] Server Reboot into Product view page for Admin
  • [Added] Server password is now default password and can be used to auto provisioning of Servers on email templates
  • [Added] Other passwords now stored in an encrypted mode.
  • [Added] Now Admins can Manage Server Reboot, Install, Rescue, IP RDNS etc from Module Manage action Page
  • [Added] ACL Implemented to control actions such as Reboot, Install etc for end user
  • [Added] Module Configuration Page - With details setup page for how to configure Server Auto provisioning
  • [Added] Now you can Order and Import Marketing servers and sell as your product within WHMCS
  • [Added] Cron Job - Auto provisioning of servers to your end user and assign that server to your customer and WHMCS Products
  • [Added] Cron Job - Auto out of sock of your products if the server is not API provisioned
  • [Added] Now supports IPv6 reverse DNS, but you cant view them as it will make the list long
  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue related to Server Reboot
  • [Removed] WHMCS 7.6.x support as its no more being supported by WHMCS

Saturday, October 26, 2019

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