Hi All,

We would like to announce that, we have released Hetzner Cloud Automation v2019.4 with below changes/ features:

  • [Fix] In admin product view page Password fields are getting null on save changes action which is now resolved
  • [Improved] Removed any Hetzner name for white level service
  • [Added] Hetzner Password is now default password for WHMCS along with Dedicated IP, Assigned IP (IPv6) and username i.e now on product create WHMCS will send Cloud VM credentials and you can use default WHMCS VPS/Dedicated Server Welcome Email template
  • [Added] Supports SSH Key during service order and this can be used for Cloud VM auto deployment, if you want to validate SSH key on regex format then you can edit the product config page and in custom field you will find sshkey custom field and in validation field you can pass the SSH regex
  • [Added] Supports Custom Scripts, during service order and this can be used for post cloud VM deployment i.e cPanel or any custom script execution
  • [Improved] Client Area and Product Details page re-designed.
  • [Added] Access Control list implemented for both Client Area and Product View Page
  • [Added] Service/ Product Management page added for specific servers based i.e now Cloud VM can be managed from module page which includes: Reboot, Rebuild, Rescue, Enable/Disable Protection etc
  • [Added] Now supports Cloud VM Console (HTML5 noVNC) within client area and product Management page (On Module Page)
  • [Removed] WHMCS 7.6.x support as its no more being supported by WHMCS
  • [Implemented] Access control to Module Commands based on the server running status

Sunday, October 6, 2019

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